Tuesday, January 10, 2012

How To Win Poker

Maverick's Guide to PokerMaverick's Guide to Poker by Charles E. Tuttle
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OK! I'm ready to play poker now!

In order to win, I just have to play it according to The Ten Commandements for Poker Players (Ch.3, p.36):
1. If you don't have a fighting hand, drop it and wait for another.
2. In a five-card stud, never draw a third card unless your hole card or your open card either equals or tops the highest card showing around the table.
3. In a draw poker, "Jacks or better" to open, never call an opener unless you have the pair of Jacks beaten.
4. Never draw to an inside straight.
5. Never draw to a three-card flush.
6. Always call a known bluffer if you have better than an average hand.
7. Don't play poker with women.
8. Don't play poker with players who can't afford to lose.
9. Don't play yourself if you can't afford to lose.
10. If you find yourself in a losing streak, relax and wait! There will always be another hand or even another game.

...mmm... wait a second... I'm a woman!!!
According to rule #7, other poker players won't take a chance to play with me! What a chauvinistic game!

Whatever, even if I can't play poker because of the ridiculous rule, now I can understand the game if I rewatch my favorite poker movies like 'Maverick' or 'God of Gamblers'.

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