Saturday, March 29, 2014

An ABC for Grownups

Here is Seth Godin's tribute to Dr. Seuss:

And here I choose to share it with you, so... watch up!

Anxiety is experiencing failure in advance.
Birl that log.
Commitment is the only thing that gets you through the chasm.
Dance with fear.
Effort isn't the point, impact is.
Feedback is either a crutch or a weapon.
Gifts are the essence of art.
Heroes are people who take risks for the right reasons.
Initiative is the privilege of picking yourself.
Joy is different from pleasure or delight or fun.
Knife works best when it has an edge.
L is for LMNO, which used to be a single letter of the alphabet.
More is not the goal of the artist.
No feels safe, while yes is dangerous indeed.
One buttock playing is what Ben Zander would have you do.
Pain is the truth of art.
Quality, like feedback, is a trap.
Remix, reuse, respect, recycle, revisit, reclaim, revere, resorb.
Shame is the flip side of vulnerability.
Tether is the safety cable you refuse to use.
Umbrellas keep you from getting wet.
Vulnerable is the only way we can feel when we truly share the art we've made.
Warranty of merchantability is legal principle that guarantees that something you buy will do what the seller promises it will.
Xebec is a pirate ship.
Youth isn't a number, it's an attitude.
Zabaglione is a delightful Italian dessert consisting mostly of well-whipped foam.

Those are the first sentences of the ABC's. If you don't understand what Seth Godin's trying to tell, please read the book yourself :D

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